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    Queries per second (QPS) is a measure of the amount of traffic handled by a particular query server within the specified period of time.

    Database Storage

    The underlying storage resources used to persistently store database data and logs.

    Number of Database Connections

    The number of sessions on the client that are connected to the database instance.

    Database Migration

    As businesses evolve and applications change, the database may also need to be migrated from one environment to another, such as from a local IDC to a cloud platform or from one cloud platform to another.

    Database Instance

    A database instance is a standalone database environment running in the cloud. It also serves as the basic data block in TencentDB. A database instance can contain multiple databases created by database users and can be accessed with the same client tools and applications used to access a standalone database instance.

    Database Engine

    Database engine is a core service for storing, processing, and protecting data. It allows you to manage access permission and process transactions quickly to meet the requirements of most applications that need to process massive amount of data in corporate scenarios. Database engine is supported by every database instance.

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