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Last updated: 2021-03-22 17:35:23

Account APIs

API Name Feature
ResetDBInstancePassword Modifies instance password

Other APIs

API Name Feature
FlushInstanceRouterConfig Flushes router configuration

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
AssignProject Specifies the project to which a TencentDB instance belongs
CreateDBInstance Creates a monthly subscription TencentDB instance
CreateDBInstanceHour Creates a pay-as-you-go TencentDB instance
DescribeClientConnections Queries client connection information of an instance
DescribeDBInstanceDeal Gets order details of an instance
DescribeDBInstances Queries the list of TencentDB instances
DescribeSlowLogPatterns Gets slow log statistics
DescribeSlowLogs Gets slow log information
DescribeSpecInfo Queries the specifications of purchasable TencentDB instances
InquirePriceCreateDBInstances Queries price of instance creation
InquirePriceModifyDBInstanceSpec Queries price of specification adjustment
InquirePriceRenewDBInstances Queries the renewal price of an instance
IsolateDBInstance Isolates a TencentDB Instance
ModifyDBInstanceSpec Adjusts the configurations of a TencentDB instance
OfflineIsolatedDBInstance Deactivates isolated TencentDB instances
RenameInstance Renames an instance
RenewDBInstances Renews a TencentDB instance

Backup APIs

API Name Feature
CreateBackupDBInstance Creates instance backups
DescribeBackupAccess Gets the permission to download an instance backup
DescribeDBBackups Queries the list of instance backups

Task APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAsyncRequestInfo Queries async task status

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