Download Backup File

Last updated: 2020-02-26 09:38:05


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  1. Log in to the TencentDB for MongoDB Console And click an instance name in the instance list to enter the instance management page.
  2. On the Backup and Rollback > Backup List Page, click Download To get the region code, bucket, and download link that are required for backup download.

Configuring COSCMD

(2) Log into the CAM Console and get your project's SecretId and SecretKey on the API Key Management Page。
2. Download the COSCMD tool That is required for downloading TencentDB for MongoDB backup files.
3. To configure COSCMD, see Configuration parameters .
For example, the SecretId obtained is IKIDxxxxxxxxxxx20Eb , SecretKey is TbecxxxxxxxxxxxT4Yw The region code is ap-guangzhou Bucket for mognodb-backup-test-1251937 Then the COSCMD configuration is as follows:

coscmd config -a IKIDxxxxxxxxxxx20Eb -s TbecxxxxxxxxxxxT4Yw -b mognodb-backup-test-1251937 -r ap-guangzhou

Downloading a Backup File

  1. Specify an empty download directory; if there is no directory, create one by running the following command:
mkdir dump
  1. Run the download command with the download link obtained from the TencentDB for MongoDB Console. For example, if the download link is cmongo_backup/cmgo-pfsumk5l_0/snapshot/1544517026 , the command will be as shown below:
coscmd  download -r  cmongo_backup/cmgo-pfsumk5l_0/snapshot/1544517026  dump/
  • A replica set has only one download link.
  • Each shard of a sharding cluster has a download link. Different shards need to be stored in different directories so as to prevent the downloaded data from being overwritten.
  • The -r Must be added to the command for downloading folders.
    1. After the download is completed.