Data Migration Guide

Last updated: 2020-03-23 17:20:47

    Creating Migration Task

    1. Log in to the DTS Console and click Create Task in the data migration list to create a migration task.
    2. Select the linkage region, i.e., the region where the target instance resides.
      • Currently, MongoDB database migration is free of charge.
      • Please select the region with caution as it cannot be changed once the migration task is created.

    1. Set the source and target databases

    Enter relevant information to set the task, source database, and target database.

    Task configuration

    Enter the name of the migration task. If you want the migration task to be executed at a later time, you can set scheduled execution.

    • Task Name: specify a name for the task.
    • Scheduled Execution: specify the start time of the migration task.
      • To modify the scheduled task, you must click Scheduled Start again after verification is passed so as to make the task start at the specified time.
      • If the specified time has passed, the task will start immediately. You can also click Start Now to start the task immediately.

    Set the source database

    Enter the information of the source database and then click Test Connectivity to check whether your source database is connected.

    Set the target database

    Enter the information of the target database and click Save.

    2. Select the type and database list

    Select the type and object and click Next step: verify task.

    If the selected object is the specified database or table, only the entire database migration is supported.

    3. Verify the task

    Check whether the source instance runs normally and whether the sets to be migrated to the target instance are in conflicts.

    Completing Migration Task

    After the verification is passed, return to the data migration list. After the incremental sync is 100% complete, click Complete in the "Operation" column to finish the migration task.