Region and Availability Zone

Last updated: 2019-08-14 20:42:24



Tencent Cloud managed data centers are located around the world, including 4 regions in China (South, East, North, and Southwest), and also in Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, West United States, East United States, North America, Europe, etc. We are deploying more nodes globally and enhancing network coverage.

You can create instances in the following regions.

  • Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Seoul, Mumbai, Bangkok, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Virginia, Frankfurt, and Moscow.
  • Available finance zones: Shenzhen Finance Zone and Shanghai Finance Zone.

    While cloud products deployed within the same Region can communicate with each other over the private network, the private networks for the resources in different accounts are completely isolated from each other.

  • Cloud products in different Regions cannot communicate with each other over the private network.
  • Because each Region is independent, cross-region access to Tencent Cloud resources is not supported through private networks.
  • When you purchase Tencent Cloud resources, we recommend you select a Region closest to your customers to minimize connection latency.

    Availability Zone

    In a Region, Availability Zones refer to Tencent Cloud physical IDCs with independent power facilities and networks. Availability Zones are designed to prevent single point failures (except for large-scale natural disasters or major power failures) from affecting other Availability Zones in the same Region to ensure your business availability. Availability Zones in the same Region are connected via low-latency private networks.