Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-07-07 12:17:58

    As a versatile database, TencentDB for MongoDB, with great stability, performance, and scalability, can satisfy the needs in most "no schema" scenarios. Its typical application scenarios include:

    Gaming Industry

    TencentDB for MongoDB is especially suitable for game backend databases and can meet the fast-changing requirements of the game industry. It stores players' information, equipment, and credits in built-in documents to ensure convenient query and update. The "no schema" mode saves you the effort to change table structures and significantly shortens the version iteration cycle.
    It can also be used as a cache server to schedule hot data properly. With a performance comparable to that of other popular cache servers, it features a wider variety of query methods.

    Mobile Industry

    TencentDB for MongoDB supports two-dimensional spatial indexing, which makes it easy to query geolocation relationships and retrieve users' geographic data, thus facilitating the implementation of location-based map applications and services such as people/places nearby. It can also be used to store user information as well as WeChat Moments and other social media posts published by users.

    IoT Industry

    Terminal devices in the field of IoT such as medical devices and vehicle GPS systems can easily and continuously generate terabytes of data. TencentDB for MongoDB can be used to store information of all connected smart devices and the generated logs for convenient multidimensional data analysis. You can build a distributed TencentDB for MongoDB sharded cluster to achieve unlimited storage capacity and expand capacity online, which enables you to process massive amounts of IoT data with ease.

    Logistics Industry

    As order status is continuously updated during delivery, TencentDB for MongoDB can be used to store order status information in embedded JSON format, so that all order changes can be read in one query.

    Video Live Streaming Industry

    The video live streaming industry generates massive amounts of gift information, user chats, logs, and other data. TencentDB for MongoDB can be used to store such data conveniently. Plus, it provides a rich set of aggregation and query features for easier business analysis.