Use Cases

Last updated: 2019-08-12 11:08:56


TencentDB is a cross-platform database. It is reliable, capable, and scalable, and can work with most of schemaless scenarios.
Below are some typical application scenarios.


MongoDB is suitable for games managing their back-end databases, as it is more flexible in handling dynamic players’ personal context, such as information about equipment and credit, through the use of embedded documents. It allows you to easily view, query and update the data, and the “schemaless” style saves you time and efforts adjusting database structures, significantly shortening the version iteration cycle.
MongoDB can also be used as a cache server to logically allocate hot data. It is comparable to other common cache servers in terms of performance while being more flexible in the way you query data.


TencentDB for MongoDB supports two-dimensional spatial indexing, which makes it easy to query geo-location relationships and retrieve user geographic location data, thus achieving the implementation of geo-based map applications and such features as People/Places Nearby. MongoDB can also be used to store user information and user-generated content such as WeChat Moments.

Internet of Things (IoT)

MongoDB makes it easy for managing Tbs IoT data generated from user endpoint devices, such as medical sensors and GPS. MongoDB lets you store, process and multi-dimensionally analyze data (e.g., device log info) created by connected devices. The distributed TencentDB for MongoDB sharded clusters provide unlimited storage capacity and online storage expansion that allows you to easily process IoT Big Data.


TencentDB for MongoDB can store the ever-changing order information in nested JSON so that you can view all the changes by running just one query.

Live Video Broadcasting (LVB)

TencentDB for MongoDB is built to storage volumes of data from virtual gifts, user chats, logs, etc, and to analyze the data through rich aggregate queries.