Command Support in Sharding Cluster v3.2

Last updated: 2020-09-27 15:01:25

    Sharding Policy

    • Ranged-based sharding is supported.
    • shardkey of fields can be joined.
    • Sharding is required for all data sets under a sharding instance. You are recommended to place data that doesn't need to be sharded in a separate replica set instance.

    Authentication Mechanism

    SCRAM-SHA-1 and MONGODB-CR authentication mechanisms are fully supported.

    Supported Sharded Cluster Commands

    Category Command Subcommand Supported
    Basic CRUD commands find filter Yes
    sort Yes
    projection Yes
    hint Yes
    skip Yes
    limit Yes
    batchSize Yes
    singleBatch Yes
    comment Yes
    maxScan Yes
    maxTimeMS No
    readConcern Yes
    max Yes
    min Yes
    returnKey Yes
    showRecordId Yes
    snapshot No
    tailable No
    oplogReplay No
    noCursorTimeout Yes
    awaitData No
    allowPartialResults No
    insert The `shardkey` field is required and must be the same for batch INSERT operations Yes
    update The updated field cannot be `shardkey` Yes
    delete - Yes
    findandmodify - Yes
    count - Yes
    distinct `shardkey` is required Yes
    aggregate - Yes
    group - No
    mapReduce - No
    getmore - Yes
    getLastError - No
    getPrevError - No
    resetError - No
    eval - No
    geoNear - No
    geoSearch - No
    parallelCollectionScan - No
    Diagnostic commands collStats - Yes
    dbstats - Yes
    explain - Yes
    listDatabases - Yes
    serverStatus - No
    top - No
    Sharding commands enableSharding - Yes
    shardCollection - Yes
    Management commands listCollections - Yes
    dropDatabase - Yes
    drop - Yes
    creareIndexes - Yes
    listIndexes - Yes
    dropIndexes - Yes
    logout - Yes
    renameCollection - No
    copydb - No
    create - No
    clone - No
    cloneCollection - No
    cloneCollectionAsCapped - No
    convetToCapped - No
    filemd5 - No
    fsync - No
    clean - No
    connPoolSync - No
    connectionStatus - No
    compact - No
    collMod - No
    reIndex - No
    setParameter - No
    getParameter - No
    repairDatabase - No
    repairCursor - No
    touch - No
    shutdown - No
    logrotate - No
    killop - No
    User management commands - - No
    Role management commands - - No
    Replica set commands - - No

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