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    Welcome to Tencent Cloud Monitor service. Cloud Monitor provides comprehensive data monitoring for cloud services, intelligent data analysis, real-time failure alarm and customized data report configuration. It allows you to accurately know the health status of businesses and various cloud services in real time.
    Users can use APIs described in this document to perform related operations, such as reading monitoring data. For information on supported operations, please see API Overview.
    Before using these APIs, please make sure that you have a thorough understanding of CM products and how to use them.

    The key terms for Cloud Monitor are as follows:

    1. Glossary

    Term Full Name Full Name Description
    Namespace Namespace Namespace Namespace is the container of metrics. Metrics in different namespaces are independent from each other, so the metrics from different applications will not be mistakenly aggregated into the same statistical information.
    Metric Metric Metric A metric is used as a monitoring variable, and a data point refers to the time-varying value of the metric. For example, the CPU utilization of a CVM is a metric, and the space usage of a cloud database is another metric.
    Dimension Dimension Dimension Dimension is a structure of name/value pair for identifying a monitoring object, and is used to describe the characteristics of the monitoring object.

    2. Service Limits


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