Public Request Parameters

Last updated: 2020-04-30 10:08:10

Common request parameters are needed for all APIs. These parameters will not be discussed in the document for each API unless necessary. However, these parameters are required in each request for the request to be initiated successfully. The first letter of each common request parameter is in uppercase so that the parameters can be differentiated from API request parameters.

Here's a list of common request parameters:

Name Type Description Required
Action String The name of the API for the desired operation. For example, if you want to call API Get the List of Monitoring Metrics, the Action parameter is DescribeMetrics. Yes
Region String Region parameter, used to identify the region to which the instance you want to operate belongs. The parameter values for regions are as follows:
Beijing: bj, Guangzhou: gz, Shanghai: sh, Hong Kong: hk, North America: ca. Note: Normally this parameter is required. Otherwise it will be mentioned in the corresponding API.
Timestamp UInt The current UNIX timestamp that records the time at which the API request was initiated. Yes
Nonce UInt A random positive integer that is used in conjunction with Timestamp to prevent replay attacks. Yes
SecretId String The SecretId applied for from Cloud API Key, used for identification. A SecretId corresponds to a unique SecretKey, and the SecretKey is used to generate the request Signature. Yes
Signature String Request signature, used to verify the validity of the request. Automatically generated by the system based on input parameters. . Yes

A complete request needs two types of request parameters: common request parameters and API request parameters. Only six common request parameters are listed above.

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