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Last updated: 2019-12-14 14:20:31

You can view all the alarms occurring within a certain period via the Tencent Cloud's Cloud Monitoring Console. There are three types of alarms((Viewing Custom Monitoring alarms is not available in Monitoring Console)):

  • Basic alarms: Alarms sent by pre-defined alarm metrics of each product
  • Cloud Automated Testing alarms: Alarms sent by Cloud Automated Testing
  • Custom Monitoring alarms: Alarms sent by Custom Monitoring

1) Log in to Tencent Cloud Console, click "Cloud Monitoring" - "My Alarms" tab, and then click "Alarm List" menu.

2) The details of basic alarms, Cloud Automated Testing alarms, and Custom Monitoring alarms will be displayed on the right side. Users can easily acquire the operation status of services within a certain period.

3) Click the time picker in the upper left corner to adjust the alarm time to be displayed.

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