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Cloud Database MySQL Monitoring Indicators

Last updated: 2019-09-26 15:42:19


Cloud Monitor of Tencent Cloud provides the following monitoring metrics for Cloud Database instance (MySQL):

Metric Name Description Unit Dimension
Slow Queries slow_queries Counts per second uInstanceId
Table Scan select_scan Counts per second uInstanceId
Queries select_count Counts per second uInstanceId
Updates com_update Counts per second uInstanceId
Deletions com_delete Counts per second uInstanceId
Insertions com_insert Counts per second uInstanceId
Replacements com_replace Counts per second uInstanceId
Total Requests queries Counts per second uInstanceId
Connections threads_connected Count uInstanceId
Query Usage query_rate % uInstanceId
Used Capacity real_capacity MB uInstanceId
Occupied Capacity capacity MB uInstanceId
Sent Volume bytes_sent MB/s uInstanceId
Received Volume bytes_received MB/s uInstanceId
Volume Usage volume_rate % uInstanceId
Cache Hit Rate qcache_hit_rate % uInstanceId
Cache Use Rate qcache_use_rate % uInstanceId
Waited Table Locks table_locks_waited Counts per second uInstanceId
Creating Temp Table Rate created_tmp_tables Counts per second uInstanceId
Innodb Cache Hit Rate innodb_cache_hit_rate % uInstanceId
innodb Cache Use Rate innodb_cache_use_rate % uInstanceId
Read Innodb File innodb_os_file_reads Counts per second uInstanceId
Write Innodb File innodb_os_file_writes Counts per second uInstanceId
Innodb Fsyncs Number innodb_os_fsyncs Counts per second uInstanceId
myisam Cache Hit Rate key_cache_hit_rate % uInstanceId
Myisam Memory Use Rate key_cache_use_rate % uInstanceId
CPU Use Rate cpu_use_rate % uInstanceId
Memory Used memory_use MB uInstanceId
Temp File Number created_tmp_files count/s uInstanceId
Memory Temp Table Number created_tmp_tables count/s uInstanceId
Opend Tables opened_tables count uInstanceId
Waited Table Locks table_locks_waited count/s uInstanceId
Commit Numbers com_commit count/s uInstanceId
Rollback Numbers com_rollback count/s uInstanceId
Created threads threads_created count uInstanceId
Running Threads threads_running count uInstanceId
Maximum Connections max_connections count uInstanceId
Disk Temp Tables created_tmp_disk_tables count/s uInstanceId
Read Next Line Queries handler_read_rnd_next count/s uInstanceId
Internal Rollback handler_rollback count/s uInstanceId
Internal Commits handler_commit count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Free Pages innodb_buffer_pool_pages_free count uInstanceId
InnoDB Free Pages innodb_buffer_pool_pages_total count uInstanceId
InnoDB Logic Read Requests innodb_buffer_pool_reads count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Physical Reads innodb_buffer_pool_reads count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Reads innodb_data_read Byte/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Total Reads innodb_data_reads count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Total Writes innodb_data_writes count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Writes innodb_data_written Byte/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Rows Deleted innodb_rows_deleted count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Rows Inserted innodb_rows_inserted count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Rows Updates innodb_rows_updated count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Rows Reads innodb_rows_read count/s uInstanceId
InnoDB Average Row Lock Time innodb_row_lock_time_avg ms uInstanceId
InnoDB Waited Row Locks innodb_row_lock_waits count/s uInstanceId
Key Memory Unused Blocks key_blocks_unused count uInstanceId
Key Memory Used Locks key_blocks_used count uInstanceId
Key Memory Read Data Requests key_read_requests count/s uInstanceId
Disk Read Data Blocks key_reads count/s uInstanceId
Data Block Write Key Buffers key_write_requests count/s uInstanceId
Data Block Writes key_writes count/s uInstanceId

For more information about the monitoring metrics of Cloud Database, please see Read Monitoring Data API in the Cloud Monitor API.