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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-06-14 12:13:46

    Video Portal

    VOD provides a rich set of features such as video upload and management, intelligent thumbnail generation, Superplayer, and sub-account management. These features make it highly suitable for video websites, news portals, internal training platforms, and other scenarios where video playback is required.


    VOD provides features such as transcoding template, player SDK, video production, and video keyframe description, making it suitable for video websites, e-commerce platforms, short video distribution services, and other scenarios where video transcoding and playback are required.

    VOD offers a wide range of features such as on-demand file storage management, hotlink protection, CDNs for video acceleration, and player SDK, making it applicable to video websites, online education platforms, paid video services, and other scenarios where video encryption is required.

    Radio, Television, and OTT Services

    VOD comes with features such as storage management, transcoding processing, video acceleration CDN, and intelligent content recognition, making it suitable for scenarios where 4K transcoding, HDR, H.265, super resolution, content migration, and intelligent content recognition are required.

    Short Video Applications

    VOD features storage, intelligent content recognition, transcoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, watermarking, thumbnail generation, encryption, and distribution of videos, making it apt for short video scenarios where videos captured by clients are uploaded after operations such as cropping, audio mixing, special effect processing, subtitling, and sticker adding are performed. For more information, please see User Generated Short Video SDK.

    Live Recording to VOD

    VOD supports recording, cold storage, transcoding, screencapture of live streaming files, suitable for use cases such as live sale, e-commerce platforms, and online education.

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