Publishing on WeChat Completion

Last updated: 2020-03-12 16:38:18

    Event Name


    Event Description

    If the application is configured with event notification, after a video is published on WeChat, the application backend can get an event notification through "normal callback" or "reliable callback". The content of the event notification is the WechatPublishComplete structure.


    Normal Callback

    If you choose the normal callback mode, the callback URL will receive an HTTP POST request from VOD, whose content is in the BODY as shown below (the fields with null value are omitted):


    Reliable Callback

    If you choose the reliable callback mode, after the PullEvents API is called, an HTTP response in the following format will be received (the fields with null value are omitted).

        "Response": {
            "EventSet": [
                    "EventHandle": "EventHandle.N",
                    "EventType": "WechatPublishComplete",
                    "WechatPublishComplete": {
                        "TaskId": "Wechat-f5ac8127b3b6b85cdc13f237c6005d8",
                        "Status": "FINISH",
                        "ErrCode": 0,
                        "Message": "SUCCESS",
                        "FileId": "24961954183381008",
                        "Definition": 10,
                        "SourceDefinition": 0,
                        "WechatStatus": "SUCCESS",
                        "WechatVid": "wechat-xxx-xxx",
                        "WechatUrl": "http://xxx?xxx"
            "RequestId": "335bdaa3-db0e-46ce-9946-51941d9cb0f5"