Stage 1. Play back a video with superplayer

Last updated: 2021-10-29 10:26:14


    This document describes how to upload a video to VOD, process it, and play it back in the superplayer.


    Before using VOD, please make sure that you have met the following prerequisites:

    Activating VOD

    You need to activate VOD in the following steps:

    1. Sign up for a Tencent Cloud account and complete identity verification.
    2. For more information about VOD service billing, please see [Billing Overview] (
    3. Select Cloud Products > Video Services > Video on Demand to enter the VOD Console.

    At this point, you have activated VOD.

    You need to make sure that hotlink protection for your default distribution domain name is not enabled:

    1. Log in to the VOD Console, select Distribution and Playback Settings > Domain Management, and click Settings of the "default distribution domain name" to enter the settings page.
    2. Confirm that the statuses of Referer Hotlink Protection and Key Hotlink Protection are both "Not Enabled".

    Step 1. Upload and process a video

    This step describes how to upload a video, transcode it to adaptive bitstream, and capture the cover and image sprite.

    1. Log in to the VOD Console, select Media Assets > Video Management, and click Upload Video.
    2. On the upload page, select Local Upload, click Select Video to upload a local video, and set other items as follows:
      • Select Automatic Processing After Upload as Video Processing.
      • Select Task Flow as Processing Type.
      • Select LongVideoPreset as Task Flow Template.

        LongVideoPreset is a preset task flow, which uses template 10 for adaptive bitrate streaming, template 10 for cover generating, and template 10 for image sprite capturing.

    3. Click Upload to enter the "Uploading" page and wait for the upload to complete.
    4. Select Media Assets > Video Management and find the newly uploaded video (FileId: 528xxx3757278095). Here, the ID is the FileId of the uploaded video.

      Wait until the "video status" changes from Processing to Normal, which indicates that video processing is completed.

    5. Click Manage in the "Operation" column of the newly uploaded video to enter the management page:
      • Select the Basic Info tab, and you can view the generated cover and output adaptive bitstream (template ID: 10).
      • Select the Screenshot Info tab, and you can view the generated image sprite (template ID: 10).

    Step 2. Preview video playback

    In the previous step, you have uploaded and processed the video. Now, you can use the superplayer for web, iOS, and Android to quickly preview video playback.

    1. Select Media Assets > Video Management, find the video uploaded and processed in step 1, click Manage in the "Operation" column, and select Superplayer Preview.
    2. Select "default" as Superplayer Configuration.

      default is a preset superplayer configuration, which is used to output the adaptive bitstream with template 10 and the image sprite with template 10.

    3. In Web Player, click the button in the middle of the player, and you can play back the video on web.

    Step 3. Use a demo for verification

    You can use the superplayer demos for web, Android, and iOS for verification. For more information, please see the demo source code.


    In Media Assets > Video Management > Superplayer Preview in the console, you can get the corresponding web player source code for video preview for your reference.


    At this point, you have understood how to upload a video to VOD, process it, and play it back in the superplayer.