Guide for Accessing VOD Services in Chinese Mainland

Last updated: 2020-11-24 12:08:58
This document is currently invalid. Please refer to the documentation page of the product.

    To access VOD services in the Chinese mainland, you need to activate CDN service and enable storage regions.

    1. Obtaining ICP License for your Domain Name

    You must obtain an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license for a domain name before using it for content delivery in Chinese mainland.
    After obtaining the ICP license, add the domain name on the VOD Console.

    2. Activating CDN Service in Chinese mainland

    After adding the domain name, you need to activate CDN service for the Chinese mainland to enable accelerated delivery of video files in the region.
    Currently, CDN service cannot be self-activated in the VOD console. Please submit a ticket or contact sales to activate the service.
    You cannot activate CDN service for a domain name without an ICP license.

    3. Enabling Storage Regions in Chinese Mainland

    VOD supports uploading to the storage region nearest to users. After you enable storage regions in the Chinese mainland, your local users will enjoy a better uploading experience.
    Currently, Chinese mainland storage regions (such as Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin) cannot be enabled in the VOD console. Please submit a ticket or contact sales to enable these storage regions.
    Once enabled, storage regions cannot be disabled.
    Once you complete all the steps above, you can access VOD services in the Chinese mainland.

    4. Uploading Files

    You can select storage regions when you are uploading from the server or the client. If no storage region is selected, the nearest one will be used by default.

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