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Audio/Video Playback Acceleration

Last updated: 2022-06-14 11:38:39

    System Architecture


    Domain name customization

    • You can use the default domain name provided by Tencent Cloud or use your own custom domain name for video playback.
    • You can configure different hotlink protection and release rules for different playback domain names.
    • Referer hotlink protection lets you control the access to your video assets by using the referer field in HTTP requests. This allows you to protect your content from being hotlinked by other websites.
    • You can configure IP blocklists/allowlists to restrict access from certain IPs and protect media from malicious users.
    • VOD also supports key and timestamp hotlink protection so you can set an expiration time for access to videos.
    • The hotlink protection feature for member video preview allows you to configure a time limit for video previews. When a user previews a video, the video preview will end when the time limit is reached, and playback can be resumed after the user makes a membership payment.

    Player SDK

    • VOD offers player SDKs for iOS, Android, and web. They support pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll images, on-screen comments (for web player only), customizing the player logo, and player password configuration.
    • VOD supports quick release through iframe and progressive loading of video files.
    • VOD offers APIs for getting playback status and setting events.

    Business statistical analysis

    • VOD provides tools for you to analyze the statistics of your video services, allowing you to keep track of traffic, bandwidth, and clicks by time, region, and ISP.
    • You can view statistics for all the video files, including playback count and traffic of each video.
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