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Last updated: 2019-06-25 22:24:47

## 1. API Description

API request domain name:

This API updates the downstream configuration.

Default API request rate limit: 100 requests/second.

2. Request Parameters

The following parameters are required for requesting this API, including action-specific parameters and common parameters. For more information about common parameters for all requests, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common parameter; the name of this API: ModifyDownStreamConfig
Version Yes String Common parameter; the version of this API: 2018-08-01
Region No String Common parameter; optional for this API
ConfigId Yes String Configuration ID.
FromUrl No String Source URL.
ToUrl No String Target URL.
AreaId No Integer Region ID; 1 - Shenzhen, 2 - Shanghai, 3 - Tianjin, 4 - Hong Kong. If there are changes, the IspId needs to be passed in at the same time.
IspId No Integer ISP ID; 1 - China Telecom, 2 - China Mobile, 3 - China Unicom, 4 - other; if the AreaId is 4, the IspId can only be other. If there are changes, the AreaId needs to be passed in at the same time.
StartTime No String Start time.
In UTC format.
For example: 2019-01-08T10:00:00Z.
EndTime No String End time. Note:
1. The end time must be older than the start time;
2. The end time and start time must be older than the current time;
3. The difference between the end time and the start time must be less than seven days.

In UTC format.
For example: 2019-01-08T10:00:00Z.

3. Return Parameters

Parameter name Type Description
RequestId String The ID of the request. Each request returns a unique ID. The RequestId is required to troubleshoot issues.

4. Sample

Request Sample

Input Sample Code
&<Common request parameter>

Output Sample Code

  "Response": {
    "RequestId": "3c140219-cfe9-470e-b241-907877d6fb03"

5. Developer Resources

API Explorer

API Explorer is a tool that provides ease of use in requesting APIs, authenticating identities, generating SDK and exploring APIs in Tencent Cloud environment.

6. Error Codes

The following error codes are API business logic-related. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

Error Code Description
InternalError Internal error
InternalError.CallOtherSvrError Error calling internal service.
InternalError.GetBizidError Error getting user account.
InternalError.InvalidUser Account information error.
InvalidParameter Parameter error
InvalidParameterValue Incorrect parameter value
MissingParameter Missing parameter