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Stream Interruption Records

Last updated: 2022-05-12 12:35:53

    You can view records of live push interruptions and their causes in the CSS console.


    • You have logged in to the CSS console.
    • There is a live stream whose push was interrupted under your account.


    In the console, select Event Center > Stream Interruption Records on the left sidebar.

    It includes the following fields:

    • Path: AppName in the push URL.
    • Stream Name: StreamName in the push URL.

    Causes of Stream Interruption

    You can use the DescribeLiveStreamEventList API to query stream interruptions.

    See the table below for a list of the causes of stream interruption:

    Unknown error.
    Push client interrupted the push.
    CSS system internal error.
    Abnormal RTMP protocol content.
    Single RTMP frame size exceeds the upper limit.
    The system interrupted the stream because no data was generated for a long period.
    The proxy layer received an interruption command.
    Push client network exceptions.
    Failed to get the user information corresponding to the push URL.
    Your CSS service has been suspended.
    Your CSS service has been suspended due to an overdue payment. Please make the payment to resume service.
    We have suspended CSS services for your account.
    Push via IP address is not allowed.
    Cannot recognize the push domain name.
    Invalid push domain name.
    The push domain name is disabled.
    The push application name is disabled.
    The stream is disabled.
    Channel mode is in use, yet no push channel exists.
    Channel mode is in use, yet the current push channel is disabled.
    The stream name contains unallowed characters.
    The push application name contains unallowed characters.
    The push client IP is in the blocklist.
    The push client IP is not in the allowlist.
    The push URL carries no expiration time parameter.
    Reached the expiration time.
    The push URL carries no authentication parameter.
    Authentication failed.
    The number of current push streams exceeds the upper limit.
    The number of push streams with this `StreamName` exceeds the upper limit.
    The priority of the push URL is lower than an existing one.
    Third-party authentication failed.
    CSS received a request for stream interruption from the customer.
    CSS received a request to disable the stream from the customer.
    A new push URL replaced this one.
    Unknown reason.
    RTMP AMF data exception.
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