Last updated: 2021-08-10 21:20:52

The LEB SDK is a mobile and ultra-low latency version of CSS. It offers a quick integration solution for playback on mobile devices with millisecond latency. It is suitable for scenarios with high requirements on latency, such as online education, sports streaming, online quizzes, and live auctions.

SDK and Source Code Download

The LEB SDK has been integrated into the MLVB SDK. You can use the Professional or Enterprise edition of the MLVB SDK to quickly enable playback on mobile devices with millisecond latency. For details, please see SDK Download.

Free Demo

Video Cloud Toolkit is an open-source and comprehensive audio/video solution developed by Tencent Cloud. You can use it to try out LEB’s capability to play live streams with millisecond latency.

Learn More

  • To learn more about the features of the LEB SDK, please see [LEB Playback].
  • For billing details of LEB, please see LEB Billing Overview.