Last updated: 2021-08-10 21:14:54

WebRTC Push

The TXLivePusher SDK is mainly used for stream pushing for LEB (ultra-low latency streaming). It can push audio and video captured by the browser from the camera, screen, or a local media file to live streaming servers via WebRTC.


WebRTC push uses the Opus audio codec. If you use a standard live streaming protocol (RTMP, HTTP-FLV, or HLS) for playback, the system will automatically convert the streams to AAC, which will incur transcoding fees. For details, please see Live Transcoding > Audio Transcoding.

WebRTC Playback

Tencent Cloud’s web superplayer TCPlayerLite supports LEB playback via WebRTC on mobile and desktop browsers, which features lower latency than traditional live streaming protocols and delivers a superb streaming experience with millisecond latency.


  • If a browser does not support WebRTC, a WebRTC URL passed into the player will be converted automatically to better support playback. By default, WebRTC is converted to HLS on mobile browsers and HTTP-FLV on desktop browsers.
  • For billing details of LEB, please see LEB Billing Overview.