Live Video Broadcasting (LVB)

Last updated: 2022-01-24 14:58:27

Leveraging Tencent's well-established audiovisual media platforms, globally-deployed cache nodes, and leading audiovisual AI technologies, Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) provides Tencent’s core live streaming capabilities to users. With professional, stable, and agile features such as live push, transcoding, distribution, and playback, LVB well meets users’ requirements for ultra-low latency, ultra-high image quality, and ultra-high performance to sustain massive volumes of concurrent requests.


You can use LVB after you activate the CSS service. For more information, see Getting Started with Live Video Broadcasting (LVB).

Product Architecture


Various features

LVB supports RTMP push and HLS origin server among other ways to integrate live streaming sources. LVB provides RTMP Push SDK which supports various types of devices and adaptive upstream bitrate. Moreover, LVB offers instant streaming of the first frame, low stutter rate, screen recording, seamless resolution switching, among other capabilities to meet requirements in various scenarios. It also supports playback on all clients and custom development.

Global acceleration

Tencent Cloud boasts 1,100+ CDN cache nodes deployed with China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile and over a dozen small and medium ISPs such as Great Wall Broadband Network across China. It has 1,000+ global cache nodes in more than 50 countries across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, supporting global acceleration of live streaming businesses.

Professional video processing

LVB provides cloud-based transcoding and processing services that can handle vast amounts of multimedia data. It can transcode audio and video files to different formats suitable for OTT services or playback on PC and mobile devices. It also offers features such as thumbnail generating, editing, porn detection, and encryption.

LVB uses IP blocklist/allowlist, referer blocklist/allowlist, secure HTTPS acceleration, URL encryption, as well as other live streaming encryption technologies, thus realizing all-round detection and protection to prevent unauthorized playback. Plus, it offers a professional digital rights management (DRM) solution to safeguard your video assets.

Intelligent learning

Empowered by AI-based recognition technology, LVB can intelligently learn and analyze the contents, colors and scenes of images or videos, thus automating image recognition, speech recognition, intelligent porn detection, intelligent subtitling, and other features.

Statistics analysis

Based on big data analysis covering different scenarios of various industries, LVB enables real-time control of push quality and identification of playback issues. It monitors metrics such as bandwidth, traffic, requests, and concurrent connections in real time and provides detailed statistical results to help with business expansion.

Free Demo

You can use the demo to try out LVB features.

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Using LVB services will incur traffic/bandwidth costs. LVB supports pay-as-you-go pricing by traffic/bandwidth. Only downstream traffic/bandwidth will be billed, while usage of upstream push will not. For details, please see Pricing Overview.