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Time Shifting

Last updated: 2022-06-02 16:45:15

    Powered by the recording capability of CSS, the time shifting feature allows viewers to rewind and play back a video stream from earlier time points. When time shifting is enabled for a VOD playback domain, TS segment URLs and TS files for the video are saved in VOD, and the user can play back earlier video content by passing a time parameter in the request URL under the playback domain.


    • The time shifting feature is billed according to the total time-shift period. You will also be charged playback fees based on the traffic/bandwidth consumed, live recording fees, and VOD storage fees.

    • Total time-shift period = Total time-shift video length (minutes) x Time-shift days


      • Total time-shift video length: The total length (minutes) of the video files for which time shifting is enabled.
      • Time-shift days: The number of days during which time shifting is allowed. Value range: 1-30.
    • Before using the time shifting feature, you need to enable live recording and VOD storage first. The videos recorded must be in HLS format, and the time-shift days cannot be more than the storage days.

    • You need to submit a ticket to enable the time shifting feature. For details, see Time Shifting. When you no longer need to use the feature, to avoid incurring unexpected charges, please submit a ticket to disable it.


    Billable Item Price (USD/(Min x Day)/Day)
    Total time-shift period 0.00003

    Billing details

    • Billable item: Total time-shift period
    • Billing mode: Pay-as-you-go
    • Billing cycle: Daily. The time shifting fee generated each day will be deducted from your account the following day. For the actual fee deduction and bill generation time, see your billing statement.

    Calculation formula

    • Total time-shift period = Total time-shift video length (minutes) x Time-shift days
    • Time-shift fee = Total time-shift period x Unit price

    Pricing examples

    A customer hosted a five-hour live streaming session starting from 12:00 on June 1 and allowed time shifting for the live stream for 10 days.

    Total time-shift period = 5 x 60 x 10 = 3,000 minutes
    Time-shift fee incurred on June 1 = 0.00003 x 3,000 = 0.09 USD. The fee would be billed and deducted on June 2.
    The live stream is playable from 12:00 on June 1 to 17:00 on June 11.

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