Query Live Status

Last updated: 2019-11-29 18:30:22

    1. API Description

    • API

    • Live_Channel_GetStatus*: This API is used to query whether a stream has a status of Broadcasting.

    • URL
      URL for calling API: http://fcgi.video.qcloud.com/common_access

    • Purpose
      To query whether a stream has a status of Broadcasting. It is implemented based on Tencent Cloud's detection of audio/video stream interruption, and thus may not be as fast and accurate as the active reporting of application in terms of real-time capability. But it can serve as a good supplementary means for checking and clearing up LVB streams regularly.

    • Note
      If the push LVB Code to be queried is never used to push streams, the 20601 error code is returned.

    2. Input Parameters

    Parameter Name Description Type Note Required
    APPID Customer ID int LVB APPID used for identifying customers Y
    interface API name string For example: Get_LivePushStat Y
    t Validity period int UNIX timestamp (decimal) Y
    sign Security signature string MD5(key+t) Y
    Param.s.channel_id LVB Code string A single LVB stream can be queried at one time Y

    For historical reasons, the LVB Code parameter was defined as channel_id in some earlier APIs, and is defined as stream_id in new APIs.

    3. Output Parameters

    Parameter Name Description Type Note
    ret Error code int 0: Successful; other values: Failed.
    message Error message string Error message
    output Message content array For more information, please see the description below.

    "output" is composed as follows:

    Field Name Description Type Note
    rate_type Bitrate int 0: original bitrate; 10: LD; 20: HD
    recv_type Playback protocol int 1: RTMP/FLV; 2: HLS; 3: RTMP/FLV+HLS
    status Status int 0: Interrupted; 1: Enabled; 3: Disabled

    4. Example

    Purpose: To query whether the LVB stream with the LVB Code of 8888_test123 is in a status Broadcasting.

    Component Example
    API URL http://fcgi.video.qcloud.com/common_access?
    APPID 1234
    interface Live_Channel_GetStatus
    Param.s.channel_id 8888_test123
    t 1471850187
    sign b17971b51ba0fe5916ddcd96692e9fb3
    //When copying them, remove the invisible line breaks used for improving layout. Otherwise, URL construction errors may occur, such as "appid is invalid".
     URL = http://fcgi.video.qcloud.com/common_access?

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