Query Channel List

Last updated: 2018-10-09 15:54:52


1. API Description

  • API
  • Live_Channel_GetChannelList*: This API is used to query channel list.
  • URL
    URL for calling API: http://fcgi.video.qcloud.com/common_access
  • Purpose
    To query the current channel list in LVB Code mode.
  • Note
    You can query a list of channels with a certain status, such as channels that are active.

2. Input Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Note Required
APPID Customer ID int Y
interface API name string Y
t Expiration time stamp int Y
sign Signature string md5(key+expiration time stamp) Y
Param.n.status 0: stream interrupted; 1: enabled; 3: disabled int Filter is not used by default N
Param.n.page_no Page number int Starts from 1. Default value is 1 N
Param.n.page_size Page size int 10-100. Default is 10 N
Param.s.order_field Sorting field string Available value: create_time. Default is create_time. N
Param.n.order_type Sorting method int 0 indicates ascending order. 1 indicates descending order. N

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Note
ret Error code int 0: Successful. Other values: Failed
message Error message string Error description
output Message content array

"output" is composed as follows:

Field Name Description Type Note
all_count Total number int
channel_list List array

"channel_list" is composed as follows:

Parameter Name Description Type Note
channel_id LVB Code ID string

4. Example

Purpose: Query the list of active channels under the account

Component Example
API URL http://fcgi.video.qcloud.com/common_access?
Param.n.status 1
Param.n.page_no 1
Param.n.page_size 20
Param.s.order_field create_time
Param.n.order_type 0
//When copying them, remove the invisible line breaks used for improving layout. Otherwise, URL construction errors may occur, such as "appid is invalid".
 URL = http://fcgi.video.qcloud.com/common_access?