Last updated: 2020-01-15 15:25:21


The advantages of Cloud Workload Protection in comparison with other cloud workload protection products are listed as follows:

Feature Cloud Workload Protection Other cloud workload protection products
Hacker Behavior Detection Detects hacker attack attempts in real time based on Tencent's threat intelligence data sources across the network. Conduct analysis based on single server's behavior data with a lower ability of detection and slow response.
Trojan Detection Responds to unknown risks quickly by leveraging Tencent PC Manager's new-generation TAV antivirus engine and Hubble analysis system integrated at the back end; effectively defenses against encrypted and metamorphic malicious scripts using the WebShell detection engine based on machine learning. Inability to detect executable malicious files; the WebShell detection based on character matching using regular expression logic has a high risk of false positives and false negatives.
Free of installation and maintenance Associated with cloud platform server OPS information automatically and is ready for use upon the purchase of CVM; the security policy is updated automatically on the cloud, without the need to maintain various security detection scripts manually. Login to server and manual installation are needed; security policies need to be configured by the personnel who has adequate security expertise.
Centralized OPS Security incidents are managed centrally in the console, eliminating the need to log in to multiple servers; centralized management of server assets and rapid building of a security visualization OPS platform. User needs to log in to the server to handle a single security incident.
Low resource utilization With self-developed lightweight agent, most of the computing and protection activities are performed on the cloud with a low consumption of server resources. Client has a high memory consumption, which is more than 100 MB generally; the server performance is affected during peak hours of business.