Get Layer-4 Forwarding Rule

Last updated: 2020-06-09 15:26:42


    This is a legacy API which has been hidden and will no longer be updated. We recommend using the new Anti-DDoS Advanced API 3.0 which is standardized and faster.

    API Description

    This API (BGPIPGetTransRules) is used to get the list of layer-4 forwarding rules of an Anti-DDoS Andvanced instance.
    Protocol: HTTPS
    Domain Name:
    API: BGPIPGetTransRules

    Request Parameters

    Below is a list of API request parameters. You need to add common request parameters to your request when calling this API. For more information, see Common Request Parameters. The Action field for this API is BGPIPGetTransRules.

    Parameter Required Type Description
    id Yes String ID of the Anti-DDoS Advanced instance
    paging.index Yes Integer Page Index. 0: page 1.
    paging.count Yes Integer Number of results per page

    Response Parameters

    Parameter Example Type Description
    total 123 Integer Number of forwarding rules that have been configured for the Anti-DDoS Andvanced instance
    transRules [obj,…] Array Attack details. Elements:
    "id": "rule-00000001",
    "protocol": "TCP"
    "virtualPort": "80",
    "sourcePort": "80",
    "ipList": ";"
    id rule-00000001 String ID of the forwarding rule
    protocol TCP String IP Protocol of the forwarding rule. Only TCP is supported.
    virtualPort 80 Integer Forwarding port
    sourcePort 80 Integer Real server port
    ipList; String a list of the real server IPs. Up to 20 IPs allowed in each forwarding rule.

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