Billing Overview

Last updated: 2019-10-17 20:39:31


Billing Model

Anti-DDoS Advanced uses a combination billing model that utilizes monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go. Base Protection Bandwidth and Forwarding Traffic is billed by monthly subscription. Elastic Protection Bandwidth is pay-as-you-go with a daily billing cycle.

Billing Item Billing Method Payment Method Payment Description
Base Protection Bandwidth Monthly Subscription Frozen Fees Bandwidth for base protection. The fee is calculated based on base protection bandwidth limit and the service plan period. Fees for the first month will be frozen in your account upon purchase and deducted on the 1st day of the next month. If you increase the bandwidth, extra fees will apply. Please note that you can only upgrade or keep your current service plan. Downgrade is not supported.
Elastic Protection Bandwidth Pay-as-you-go Postpaid Once elastic protection is enabled, you will be charged a fee based on the range of elastic protection bandwidth during the maximum attack traffic of the day. The bill will be sent the next day. No fee occurs if the elastic defense is not triggered and you can adjust the set bandwidth as needed.
Forwarding Traffic Monthly Subscription Frozen Fees Bandwidth of cleansed traffic forwarded back to the real server.

Base Protection

Base protection is billed via monthly subscription. See the following table for the latest prices:

DDoS Defense CC Defense Mainland China BGP (USD/Month) Outside Mainland China BGP (USD/Month)
10Gbps 20,000QPS - 2,500
20Gbps 40,000QPS 2,400 4,800
30Gbps 70,000QPS 3,500 7,000
40Gbps 100,000QPS - 8,200
50Gbps 150,000QPS 9,500 10,500
60Gbps 200,000QPS - 12,000
80Gbps 250,000QPS - 15,000
100Gbps 300,000QPS 28,000 16,500
  • Query Per Second (QPS) measures how many CC attack requests an Anti-DDoS Advanced instance can defend against in one second.
  • Tencent Cloud provides up to TB-level protection capability. Contact your sales rep for further information.

Elastic Protection

You can activate elastic protection according to your needs.

  • When elastic protection is deactivated, your maximum protection bandwidth will be the base protection bandwidth and there are no additional fees.
  • When elastic protection is activated, your elastic protection bandwidth is the maximum protection bandwidth of the instance.
    • When elastic protection is not triggered, there will be no incurred fees.
    • When elastic protection is triggered (the attack traffic exceeds the base protection bandwidth limit while the traffic amount is still no greater than the elastic protection bandwidth), the fee is charged based on the largest attack traffic of the day, and the bill is generated the next day.

The prices of elastic protection are as follows:

DDoS Protection Bandwidth Mainland China (USD/day) Outside Mainland China (USD/Day)
10 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 20 Gbps - 320
20 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 30 Gbps 260 400
30 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 40 Gbps 450 700
40 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 50 Gbps 600 800
50 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 60 Gbps 800 1,200
60 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 70 Gbps 1,200 1,800
70 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 80 Gbps 1,500 2,200
80 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 90 Gbps 1,700 2,500
90 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 100 Gbps 1,900 2,700
100 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 120 Gbps 2,100 2,900
120 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 150 Gbps 2,300 3,200
150 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 200 Gbps 2,700 4,000
200 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 250 Gbps 4,800 4,800
250 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 300 Gbps 5,600 5,600
300 Gbps < Attack traffic peak ≤ 400 Gbps - 6,600

Forwarding Traffic

Forwarding traffic refers to the normal traffic that is forwarded back to the real server after being cleansed by Tencent Cloud Anti-DDoS Advanced IP.
Forwarding traffic is billed by bandwidth. Non-Tencent Cloud users in Mainland China will receive 100 Mbps free forwarding bandwidth when they purchase the base protection service package. See the following table for the latest prices:

Bandwidth Price (USD/Month)
50Mbps 750
100Mbps 1,500
150Mbps 2,250
200Mbps 3,000
500Mbps 7,500
1Gbps 15,000
2Gbps 30,000