Configure Session to keep

Last updated: 2020-02-17 10:59:48


Operation scene

DDoS High Defense IP non-website business protection provides Session retention based on IP address, and supports repost to process requests from the same IP address to the same real server.
Layer-4 repost scene supports simple Session retention ability. Session retention time can be set to any integer value in 30-3600 seconds. If you exceed this time threshold, if there are no new requests in Session, you will be disconnected automatically.

Operation step

The following describes the detailed steps of configuring Health check rules for DDoS High Defense IP non-website business protection.

  1. Login DDoS Protection console In Directory on the left, click * * DDoS High Defense IP * *-> * * access configuration * * to enter the management page.
  2. On the * * non-website Business * * tab, select the destination DDoS High Defense IP instance and the corresponding rules, and click * * Edit * * under Session keep lookup list.
  1. On the "Session keep editing" page, click the button < img src= "" style=" margin:0; "/ > to turn on the Session hold function. After setting the retention time, click" OK ".
  • Session is off by default.
  • It is recommended that you use the default value when setting the hold time.
  • Support the batch import of configuration information for Session into Export. After import, the system will match the rules one by one according to the imported "repost Protocol and repost ports", in which the "repost port" must be the repost port that has been configured with rules.