Port Filtering

Last updated: 2021-09-18 15:16:30

    Anti-DDoS enables you to block or allow inbound traffic by ports. With port filtering enabled, you can customize port settings against inbound traffic, including the protocol type, source port and destination port ranges and set the protection action (allow/block/discard) for the matched rule.


    You have purchased an Anti-DDoS Advanced instance and set the object to protect.


    1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS Advanced Console and select Anti-DDoS Advanced (New) > Configurations on the left sidebar.
    2. Select an Anti-DDoS Advanced instance ID in the list on the left, such as "bgpip-xxxxxx".
    3. Click Set in the Port Filtering section to enter the attribute filtering page.
    4. Click Create.
    5. In the pop-up window, fill in the configuration fields, and click OK.
    6. Now the new rule is added to the list. You can click Configuration on the right of the rule to modify it.