Protocol Blocking

Last updated: 2021-09-28 15:53:26

    DDoS Edge Defender supports blocking inbound traffic by blocking protocols such as ICMP, TCP and UDP. When you complete the configuration, the access requests will be blocked directly. Of these protocols, UDP as a connectionless protocol dose not provide a three-way handshake process like TCP, and thus has security vulnerabilities. We recommend blocking UDP if it is not used for your application.


    You have successfully purchased a DDoS Edge Defender instance and set the object to protect.


    1. Log in to the DDoS Edge Defender Console, click Protection Policy on the left sidebar, and then select the tab DDoS Protection.
    2. Select an Edge Defender instance ID, such as "edge-xxxxxxx".
    3. Click Set in the Block by Protocol section on the right.
    4. Click Create.
    5. In the pop-up window, fill in the configuration fields and click OK.
    6. Now the new is added to the list. You can click Configuration on the right of the rule to modify it.