Port Rule

Last updated: 2021-09-28 15:53:27

    When connecting non-website applications such as PC games, mobile games and apps to DDoS Edge Defender, you need to configure port-based forwarding rules, which is described in this guide.


    You have purchased a DDoS Edge Defender instance.


    1. Log in to the DDoS Edge Defender Console, click Applications on the left sidebar, and then click Configure Now at the bottom of the port-based access page.
    2. On the instance setting page, select an associated instance ID and then click Next: Select Protocol.
    3. On the protocol setting page, select a forwarding protocol prior to clicking Next: Set Port Parameter.
    4. On the port parameter setting page, enter your application domain, and click Next: Set Forwarding Method.

      The forwarding port and real server port must be an integer in the range 1–65535.

    5. On the forwarding method setting page, enter the configuration parameters, and click *Next: *Modify Resolution.

    6. Modify the DNS resolution to complete the whole configuration.