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CDM Service Level Agreement

Last updated: 2019-05-10 15:28:36
This document is currently invalid. Please refer to the documentation page of the product.

1. Features of Services

Tencent Cloud provides cloud-based data migration services, including online control console setup, migration management services, and delivery of migration equipment (which will be used to migrate your data onto the Cloud). Tencent Cloud will provide detailed documentation describing the Tencent Cloud features and services.

2. Availability

Within one business day after a user has established a data migration task and submitted a request, Tencent Cloud will review that request. Within 15 business days after Tencent Cloud’s receipt of all required payments, Tencent Cloud will deliver the requested migration equipment to that user. Within 3 business days after Tencent Cloud receives the migration equipment returned to Tencent Cloud, Tencent Cloud will rack mount servers and begin to upload data onto the cloud.

3. Safeguard of User Information

Before you begin to use the data migration services, in order for Tencent Cloud to provide the services, you will be required to establish a data migration task and submit a service request including but not limited to the amount of data to be migrated, the number of migration equipment units to be provided, your mailing address, and other contact information. The data migration services will be conducted in strict compliance with the applicable policies and procedures, there will be no leakage or abusive use of user’s basic information as provided during the task request process (including user-designated mailing address, contact information, etc.). We will process, in accordance with the Tencent Cloud Privacy Policy , your information, and will not use your information for purposes other than what are agreed upon.

4. Right to Information

  • Tencent Cloud will migrate user data onto the cloud. Each user is entitled to know how the cloud data storage works. Each user may select the type and location of cloud storage to which its data will be migrated.

  • Cloud data migration services do not support data migration from mainland China to data centers that are located in Hong Kong or overseas. Nor do cloud data migration services support data migration into mainland China from Hong Kong or overseas.

  • Tencent Cloud will comply with laws that are applicable to the location of where its data is stored. Unless required by such applicable laws, regulations, or regulatory investigations, Tencent Cloud will not disclose user’s migrated data to any third party.

5. Equipment Security

All migration equipment provided by Tencent Cloud for the data migration services is dedicated to providing such data migration services. During the course of your use of such equipment, you will have the right to use such equipment, but you do not have any ownership interest in such equipment. You are obligated to follow all operation manuals to correctly use and safeguard such equipment, and you may not authorize any third party to use Tencent Cloud-provided equipment. If due to your own factors migration equipment is damaged or the system become un-usable, Tencent Cloud will not guarantee the correctness of the data migration services, and will charge from your security deposit the applicable repair costs.

6. Data Security

All user data processed in providing the data migration services will be automatically encrypted by the data migration equipment provided by Tencent Cloud. No encryption key will be stored or transmitted to such equipment. After a user confirms completion of the data migration, Tencent Cloud will permanently erase all data contained in any data migration equipment provided by Tencent Cloud. No erased data may be restored. However, users are solely responsible for all loss and other liabilities if any user data being migrated violates any applicable laws.

7. Data Reliability

To minimize the risk involved in transporting any data migration equipment, third-party professional couriers will be responsible for shipping data migration equipment as part of the data migration services. They will ship equipment with reinforced packaging to prevent the equipment from being damaged. In the meantime, the dedicated migration equipment, at the software level, will use certain technical measures to protect the integrity of user’s migrated data and avoid data loss due to damaged disks.

8. Accuracy of Service Statements

The fees for the Tencent Cloud data migration services are determined by the use time and the specific model of data migration equipment that users select. Detailed billing model and pricing information can be found on Tencent Cloud’s official website. Tencent Cloud will bill the users based on the specific cloud services that users select and duration of service.

9. Service Credits

Tencent Cloud is obligated to ensure that all data migration equipment that it provides to users is in good working order. If due to hardware or system issues, data migration equipment does not work properly, Tencent Cloud will, at its own cost, replace defective equipment and restart timing service duration, to the extent that such equipment failure is not caused by any force majeure event or users’ own reasons.

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