Last updated: 2020-01-30 03:07:49


Pay-as-you-go cloud disks

  • When you no longer use pay-as-you-go resources, terminate them as soon as possible to avoid further fee deduction.
  • Since your actual resource consumption changes from time to time, deviation may exist for the stated balance.

Balance Alert

The system estimates the number of days it takes your account balance to become negative based on the past 24 hours usage and current balance. If it’s less than 5 days, the system will send a balance alert to your Tencent Cloud account creator and all collaborators via the Message Center, email, and SMS.

Arrears Alert

For pay-as-you-go resources, fees are deducted on the hour. When your account balance becomes negative (Point 1 in the figure above), we will notify the Tencent Cloud account creator and all collaborators via email, text message, and the Message Center.

Arrears Processing

  • You can continue to use your Pay-as-You-Go cloud disk for 2 hours from the moment your account becomes negative. We will also continue to bill you for this period. When your account is in arrears for 2 hours (Point 2 in the figure above), your cloud disk will automatically shut down. The cloud disk will be unavailable and can only store data. We will also stop billing you for service.
  • If your Tencent Cloud account is topped up to a positive balance within 24 hours after automatic shutdown, the cloud disk will be restored and billing continues.
  • If your account remains negative for 26 hours after shutdown, (total time inclusive of 2 hours normal usage and 24 hours service suspension, Point 3 in the figure above), the Pay-as-You-Go disk will be repossessed, and all data will be deleted and cannot be recovered. We will notify the Tencent Cloud account creator and all the collaborators via email, SMS and the Message Center when the cloud disk is repossessed.