Mounting Cloud Disks

Last updated: 2020-12-25 11:42:40

    This article helps you understand how to mount cloud disks by using mounting an empty elastic cloud disk called cbs-test to a CVM in the Beijing region as an example. For more information on mounting cloud disks, see Mounting cloud disks.

    Cloud disks can only be mounted to CVMs in the same availability zone.


    • You have already created a cloud disk, cbs-test.
      You must ensure that you have an available CVM under the region and availability zone where you create the cloud disk (in this example, Beijing Zone 1). For information on how to purchase and launch a CVM, see Creating Instances via CVM Purchase Page.

    Connecting to a CVM instance

    1. Log in to the CBS console.
    2. In the cloud disk list page, click More>Mount in the row of the cbs-test cloud disk.
    3. In the pop-up box select the cloud disk to be mounted to the CVM, and click OK.

      You can check Release upon instance termination according to actual circumstances.

      Return to the cloud disk list page. The cloud disk status is now Mounting, indicating that the cloud disk is in the process of being mounted to a CVM. When the CVM status is Mounted, it indicates that mounting to a CVM is successful.

    Subsequent Operations

    After the cloud disk is mounted, the cloud disk is used as the CVM’s data disk. The status is offline by default. You must perform initialization operations such as formatting, partitioning, and creating a file system on the data disk. For more information, see Initializing cloud disk.

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