Creating cloud disks

Last updated: 2020-02-25 16:55:12


Operation Scenarios

You can create HDD cloud disk and connect it to any Cloud Virtual Machine in the same availability zone. Through block storage Device mapping, HDD cloud disk is identified and used by Cloud Virtual Machine. HDD cloud disk can achieve its highest performance without prefetch after creation.
You can choose to create different types of HDD cloud disk according to your business needs. For more information about HDD cloud disk types, please refer to Cloud disk type .



Use the console to create HDD cloud disk

  1. Log in to the CBS console .
  2. Select a region and click + New .
  3. In the "purchase data disk" dialog box, set the following parameters:
Parameter termParameter description
AZRequired parameters.
The availability zone where HDD cloud disk is located does not support modification after the creation of HDD cloud disk.
Cloud disk typeRequired parameters.
The types of HDD cloud disk include:
  • HDD cloud disk
  • Premium Cloud Storage
  • SSD
Rapid disk creationOptional parameters. When creating HDD cloud disk with snapshots, check **create HDD cloud disk with Snapshots** and select the snapshot you want to use.
  • The capacity of HDD cloud disk created with snapshots is equal to the snapshot size by default, and you can adjust the capacity to be greater than the default value.
  • When you create HDD cloud disk through a snapshot, the disk type and snapshot source HDD cloud disk are the same by default, and you can adjust the HDD cloud disk type.
CapacityRequired parameters.
HDD cloud disk's capacity, specifications and sizes are as follows:
  • HDD cloud disk: 10GB-16000GB
  • Premium Cloud Storage: 10GB-16000GB
  • SSD: 100GB-16000GB
When creating HDD cloud disk from a snapshot, the capacity size cannot be lower than the snapshot size. When you do not specify the capacity of HDD cloud disk, the capacity is the same as the snapshot size by default.
Scheduled SnapshotOptional parameters.
When you create HDD cloud disk, you can use Associate and scheduled snapshot strategy to manage HDD cloud disk's snapshot on a regular basis. At present, each region in China provides 50G free tier. For more information, please seeSnapshot Billing Overview.
Disk NameOptional parameters.
Supports up to 20 characters, starting with uppercase and lowercase letters or Chinese, and can be composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, Chinese, numbers and special symbols. _: -. Modification is allowed after HDD cloud disk's creation is completed.
  • Create a single HDD cloud disk: disk name is HDD cloud disk name.
  • Batch creation of HDD cloud disk: when creating more than one HDD cloud disk at a time, the disk name is prefixed with the name of HDD cloud disk, and the final HDD cloud disk name is composed of **disk name _ number**, from "hard disk name _ 0" to "hard disk name _ 49".
ProjectRequired parameters.
When you create HDD cloud disk, you can set the project for HDD cloud disk. The default project is **default Project**.
TagsOptional parameters.
You can bind tags for HDD cloud disk when you create HDD cloud disk. Tags are used to identify cloud resources, and you can classify and search cloud resources through tags. For more details on the label, please refer to theLabel product documentation.
Billing modeRequired parameters.
Billing type supported by HDD cloud disk: Pay as you go
QuantityOptional parameters.
The quantity defaults to **1**, which means that only one HDD cloud disk is created. At present, a maximum of 50 HDD cloud disk can be created in batch.
PeriodIf **billing method** selects **Pay as you go**, this parameter is not involved.
  1. Click OK .
  • If billing method is selected as Pay as you go, the creation is completed.
    1. After the specification is confirmed, choose whether to use the voucher or not according to the actual situation, and click **confirm purchase**. 2. Complete the payment.
  1. You can find it in the HDD cloud disk list Page to view the created HDD cloud disk, Create's elasticity HDD cloud disk is to be mounted status, please refer to Mounting Cloud Disks Mount HDD cloud disk to Cloud Virtual Machine in the same availability zone.

Create a Cloud Disk with a Snapshot

If you want to create a new HDD cloud disk that directly contains relevant data, you can select Create HDD cloud disk from a snapshot .

Create HDD cloud disk with API

You can use the CreateDisks API to create a cloud disk. For more information, see Creating cloud disks .