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Trusted Cloud Services Certification

Last updated: 2018-08-29 11:58:43

    The Trusted Cloud Services (TRUCS) Certification is the sole recognized certification system pertaining to cloud services domestically. It was jointly developed by the Data Center Alliance and the Cloud Computing Development & Policy Forum. Based on scientific principles, the Trusted Cloud Services certification fully draws from overseas and practical domestic experience in the preparation of the following three standards, namely, the Cloud Computing Service Agreement Reference Framework, the Assessment Methodology for Trusted Cloud Services Certification and the Trusted Cloud Services Certification Modus Operandi. This is the first time an authoritative domestic organization has initiated a cloud services certification. The high bar it sets in relation to specifications and standards has called for even higher standards to be employed by the domestic cloud service operators, and has the effect of spurring the operating norms as well as the scale of the industry.

    In accordance with the requirements of the Trusted Cloud Services certification, Tencent hosting services, database services, cloud cache services, cloud object storage services, local load balancing services, inter-data center VPN services, cloud delivery services and block storage services have all passed the assessment and obtained the certification from the Data Center Alliance. At the same time, Tencent Cloud was the initial batch of providers to satisfy the Trusted Cloud “Gold Class Operations” special assessment.

    What does the evaluation for the Trusted Cloud Services certification comprise of?

    In order to fully demonstrate the technical indicators and level of the cloud services providers, the “Trusted Cloud Services” certification comprises of three broad categories, 16 indicators and numerous items. The three main categories are data management, business quality and protection of rights and interests. The specific evaluation criteria includes the durability of data storage, whether data destruction, data migration, data confidentiality, data rights awareness and data review/ verification are available and to what degree, business function, business availability, business flexibility, failure recovery ability, network access performance, service accuracy metrics, changes in service, termination clause, service compensation clause, user termination clause as well as service provider indemnity clause.

    What is the purpose and significance of the Trusted Cloud Services certification?

    The content of the Trusted Cloud Services certification essentially encompasses 90% of the matters that service providers have to undertake to users or keep them apprised of (as per the SLA). The said certification systematically evaluates to what degree the cloud service providers are able to implement and realize the 16 indicators, and users may make use of the results of the certification assessment to determine whether the undertakings of the cloud service provider are authentic and trustworthy.

    Tencent Cloud has successfully obtained the Trusted Cloud Services certification, a testament to the fact that Tencent Cloud’s undertakings as per the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and in relation to User Information Disclosure (including durability of data storage, data confidentiality, failure recovery ability, service availability etc.) meet the requirements demanded by the certification. It also attests to the user transparency provided as well as being a crucial benchmark which users may rely on to select a secure and trusted cloud service provider.

    Business Lines that have been awarded the Trusted Cloud Service Provider Certification

    Cloud Hosting No: 01018
    Cloud Data Storage Services No: 03004
    Cloud Cache Services No: 06001
    Cloud Object Storage Services No: 02016
    Local Load Balancing Services No: 10003
    Inter-Data Center VPN Services No: 13001
    Cloud Delivery Services No: 08014
    Block Storage Services No: 05014
    Private Cloud Segment No: H02010
    Application Hosting Container No: 04011

    Trusted Cloud “Gold Class Operations” Special Assessment

    Certificate No: G01004

    Trusted Cloud official website: https://www.kexinyun.org/

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