Update history

Last updated: 2017-04-13 09:26:18

Release Time Update Description
2016-9-23 Life cycle hook-related APIs were added 1. API CreateLifeCycleHook was added for creating life cycle hook configurations
2. API DescribeLIfeCycleHook was added for querying life cycle hook configurations
3. API DeleteLifeCycleHook was added for deleting life cycle hook configurations
4. API ModifyLifeCycleHook was added for modifying life cycle hook configurations
5. API AttachLifeCycleHookId was added for binding a life cycle hook to a scaling group
6. API DetachLifeCycleHookId was added for unbinding a life cycle hook from a scaling group
7. API CompleteLifeCycleHookAction was added for notification about the completion of life cycle hook callback
8. API RecordLifeCycleHookTimeout was added for renewing life cycle hook timeout
2016-9-14 Notification-related APIs were added 1. API DescribeScalingNotification was added for querying notification configurations
2. API CreateScalingNotification was added for creating notification configurations
3. API DeleteScalingNotification was added for deleting notification configurations
4. API ModifyScalingNotification was added for modifying notification configurations