Error Codes

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    1. Common Error Code

    The error code in the returned result indicates the result of user's call to the cloud API. code is common error code, which applies to APIs of all modules. A code of 0 means the call succeeded. Other values means the call failed. If the call fails, the user can find out the cause of the error based on the following table and take appropriate actions.

    Error Code Error Type Description
    4000 Invalid request parameter Required parameters are missing, or parameter values​are not in the correct format. Refer to the error description in "message" field for detailed error message.
    4100 Authentication failed Signature authentication failed. Please refer to the Authentication section in the document.
    4200 Request expired The request has expired. Please refer to the Request Validity Period section in the document.
    4300 Access denied Account is suspended or not within the user range of the API.
    4400 Quota exceed The number of requests exceeds the quota. Please refer to the Request Quota section in the document.
    4500 Replay attack The Nonce and Timestamp parameters can ensure that each request will be executed only once on the server. Therefore, the Nonce value cannot be the same as last one, and the difference between Timestamp and Tencent server time cannot be greater than 2 hours.
    4600 Protocol is not supported The protocol is not supported. Please refer to the relevant document.
    5000 Resource does not exist The instance corresponding to resource ID does not exist, or the instance has been returned, or another user's resource is accessed.
    5100 Resource operation failed The operation performed on the resource failed. For specific error message, see the message field in error description. Try again later or contact customer service personnel for help.
    5200 Failed to purchase resource Resource purchase failed. This may be caused by unsupported instance configuration or insufficient resource.
    5300 Failed to purchase resource Resource purchase failed because of insufficient balance.
    5400 Part of operations performed successfully Part of the batch operations have been performed successfully. For more information, refer to the returned value of method.
    5500 User failed to pass identity verification Resource purchase failed because the user failed to pass identity verification.
    6000 Internal server error An internal error occurred on the server. Try again later or contact customer service personnel for help.
    6100 Not supported by the version This API is not supported in this version or the API is under maintenance. Note: When this error occurs, first check whether the domain of the API is correct. Different modules may have different domains.
    6200 API is temporarily unavailable The API is under maintenance and is unavailable. Please try again later.

    2. Module Error Code

    message field indicates errors related to modules.
    "message": "(100004) incorrect projectId"
    It consists of two parts - the string within () indicates the module error code, and the string following () is the error description.
    Different modules may produce different errors. The user can identify the cause of error based on error description.

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