Email and Mobile Phone FAQs

Last updated: 2019-11-06 11:09:42

    How do I verify which Tencent Cloud Accounts are bound to a mobile phone number?

    You can go to the Retrieve Account page to use the bound mobile phone number to perform a query.

    How do I change the mobile phone bound?

    • Method 1: Click the user name at the top right of the Tencent Cloud website to go to the account information. Go to Security Settings and click Modify Bound Mobile Phone. Send a verification code. You can change the mobile phone number after verification.
    • Method 2: Submit the below documentation online to request for modification. A customer service agent will modify your security information after review. The required documents are as follows:
      • Personal real-name verification: Provide your name as shown on your ID, as well as your passport number or driver license.
      • Enterprise real-name verification: Provide the name of the company, the company's business license number, and a photograph or color scan of the company’s business license.

    What are the security requirements for email login?

    • The password can only be entered incorrectly up to three times each day per account.
    • After three failed attempts, you must enter a verification code to log in.
    • After 10 failed attempts, your account will be locked for 24 hours, starting from the first time an incorrect password was entered.

    How do I set the account email?

    The account email can be used as the Tencent Cloud login account. To set it, log in to the account center and go to the Account Information page and enter the account email.

    What is the difference between account email addresses and secure email addresses?

    1. Account email one of the ways you can log in to Tencent Cloud.
    2. Secure email is mainly used for user identity verification to ensure account security.

    How do I change the security email?

    Click the user name on the upper right side of the Tencent Cloud website and go to Account Center > Security Settings. Click on the edit icon next to the current secure email address. Follow the prompts to change the email address.

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