Sending GSMS Messages

Last updated: 2020-04-12 19:04:43


    • The SMS body template has been approved.
    • If you need to carry a signature, you need to have the SMS signature approved.


    1. Log in to the SCF console .
    2. In the application list, click the name of the target application to enter the application details page.
    3. Select * * International / Hong Kong / Macao / Taiwan SMS * *-> * * send SMS * *, and click * * send SMS * *.
    4. Configure the following parameters:
    • Template Name: Select an approved body template to be used (different templates are distinguished by template name).
    • Signature Name: Select an approved SMS signature to be used (different signatures are distinguished by signature name).
    • SMS preview: view and confirm the content, number of words and expected number of SMS messages.
    • Delivery Time: Select Send Now Or Send by Schedule .
    • Recipient: Click Download Template , enter recipient's mobile number and custom SMS content in the form, and click Select File To upload it.

    A single Tencent Cloud account has a daily limit of 1000 international / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan text messages, and all customers' mobile phone numbers sent at the same time must belong to overseas areas.

    1. Click Next .
    2. Check the SMS content, number of users and delivery time you need to send, and click * * confirm to send * .
      You can view the status of the task in the Delivery Records list. When the status is *
      Sent** , the task has been completed.

    Subsequent Operations

    You can view the SMS delivery result in the following ways:

    • On the send record page, click "details" on the line of the target job to view the current detailed record and receipt analysis of job.
    • Click the name of the target application to enter the application details page, and select "International / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan SMS messages"-> "Statistical Analysis" to view the data records and related analysis of all international / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan SMS messages under the current application.

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