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Last updated: 2022-05-10 11:18:09

    Chinese Mainland SMS provides various services such as SMS verification code, system notification, and event notification, meeting your diverse needs in basic services and marketing campaigns.

    Signature Customization

    An SMS signature is an identifier added before the message text for identification of a company or business. You can use the name or abbreviation of your company, trademark, product, website as the signature.

    Body Template

    The SMS body content can be verification code, system notification, member-targeted marketing, etc. An SMS body template allows you to use parameters (variables) to customize the SMS body content, which can be shared by Chinese Mainland SMS and Global SMS.

    SMS Message Delivery

    After both the SMS body template and signature are approved, you can send SMS messages through the SMS console, APIs, or SDKs.

    Status Notification

    After an SMS message is sent, you can view the SMS message delivery status (successful or failed) and the actual number of fragment messages (if the body template contains variable parameters, the final number of fragment messages will be affected) in the console.

    Unauthorized Usage Protection

    Chinese Mainland SMS sends alarms for excessive messages every calender day. If the number of sent SMS messages exceeds the specified limit, the system will send an alarm notification to the specified alarm recipient to help reduce or avoid the loss caused by unauthorized usage.

    Statistics Report

    Chinese Mainland SMS provides a wide variety of reports on the total number of SMS messages sent and success rate for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or a specified time period, SMS messages sent to a specific mobile number over a specific time period, the number of SMS messages sent and success rate based on a specific template over a specified time period, and details and analysis of delivery failures and receipts on a specified day or over a specified time period.

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