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Last updated: 2019-12-03 16:33:05

Currently, SMS provides short message services within and outside Mainland China.

  • For use within Mainland China, which we call Mainland China SMS, SMS supports sending messages to a single recipient or group with or without a template, getting delivery reports, and pulling replies.
  • For use outside Mainland China, which we call Global SMS, the APIs for sending messages to a single recipient or group within Mainland China can be directly used after replacing the corresponding country codes and mobile numbers.
SDK Name SDK Documentation GitHub Address
SDK for Java SMS SDK for Java documentation SMS SDK for Java
SDK for PHP SMS SDK for PHP documentation SMS SDK for PHP
SDK for Python SMS SDK for Python documentation SMS SDK for Python
SDK for JavaScript SMS SDK for Node.js documentation SMS SDK for Node.js
SDK for C# SMS SDK for C# documentation SMS SDK for C#
WeChat Mini Program SMS for WeChat Mini Program Development Guide SMS Demo

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