Managing Text Template

Last updated: 2021-05-31 16:01:24

    A complete SMS message consists of SMS signature and SMS body. You can set different body templates based on your business needs and then combine a signature and a body into the final SMS content: [SMS signature] SMS body.
    After an SMS signature or template is submitted, it will be reviewed within two hours generally. Review hours: Monday–Sunday, 9:00–23:00 (postponed accordingly in case of public holidays). You can set your mobile number and email address to receive review result notifications.

    ## Creating a Body Template 1. Log in to the [SMS Console]( 2. Select **Mainland China SMS** > **Template Management** on the left sidebar and click **Create Body Template**. 4. Set the following parameters as needed and according to the [body template review standards]: - Template Name: name of the template for easy identification. - SMS Type: the type of SMS that will be sent with this body template. Enterprise users can choose **Regular SMS** or **Marketing SMS**, while individual users can only choose **Regular SMS**. - SMS Content: body content of the SMS with less than 500 characters. Custom content can be configured, but it cannot contain only variables. Variables are in the format of `{number}`, and the numbers must be consecutive. Marketing SMS must contain an option for unsubscribing, such as `Reply with T to unsubscribe`. - Remarks: you can enter the sending scenario and recipient here, which is optional. 5. Click **OK**. Waiting for body template review. The body template will be available only after its status changes to **approved**.

    Modifying a Body Template

    Modifications can be made only if the body template status is pending review or rejected. Approved body templates cannot be modified.

    1. On the Template Management page, you can view the body template information.
      • ID: body template ID automatically generated by the system. The ID of an approved body template can be specified as the value of the tpl_id parameter when sending SMS via APIs or SDKs.
      • Content: actual content of the SMS body.
      • Status/Reason: status of the body template, including pending review, rejected, and approved. If the body template status is rejected, you can click View Details to view the detailed reason or suggestion.
      • Time Applied: the time when the body template was created.
    2. Click Edit on the line of a pending review or rejected body template, modify its information, and click Confirm to submit it for review again.

    Deleting a Body Template

    When you no longer need a body template, you can delete it. Once deleted, the body template cannot be restored directly; instead, you will have to submit a new application for review; therefore, please do so with caution.

    1. On the Template Management page, click Delete on the line of the target body template.
    2. In the dialog box that pops up, click Delete.