Managing Unsubscribed Users

Last updated: 2021-05-31 16:05:55


    A user can reply with the specified content such as "TD", "T", or "N" to the SMS message received to unsubscribe from SMS notifications. After unsubscription, the system will keep a record of their mobile number, the signature used to send the unsubscribed message, and the message type, so that future messages of the same type will no longer be sent to their mobile phone. You can check whether the user's number is in the unsubscribed user list by searching with the number and signature and then apply for removing the unsubscribed status based on the query result.


    1. Log in to the SMS Console.
    2. Select General Management > Unsubscribed User Management on the left sidebar.
    3. Enter a mobile number, select a signature, and click Query to view the unsubscription status of different types of messages under the signature.
    4. Based on the query result, you can click Apply for Removal in the row of the corresponding message type.
    5. Enter the reason for application in the pop-up window and click OK to submit.
      You can view the relevant record and review status in the Application and Review Record list.