Notification of MT SMS Delivery Status

Last updated: 2018-08-30 17:59:46


1 Protocol Descriptions

Protocol HTTP JSON
Encoding format UTF8
URL For example:
API description After an SMS is sent to a user, Tencent Cloud SMS service notifies the business side of the delivery status of the SMS by calling back the service URL.

2 Request Packet

The packet is in JSON format with the following parameters:

        "user_receive_time": "2015-10-17 08:03:04", //The time the user actually received the message
        "nationcode": "86", //Country code
        "mobile": "13xxxxxxxxx", //Mobile number
        "report_status": "SUCCESS", //The actual SMS receiving status. SUCCESS: successful, FAIL: failed
        "errmsg": "DELIVRD", //Code that defines the SMS receiving status
        "description": "The SMS message is successfully sent ", //Description of the SMS receiving status
        "sid": "xxxxxxx" //Indicate the ID of this delivery
    { }…


  1. A callback request may have results of multiple SMS requests returned.
  2. For more information on "errmsg", see Error Codes for Status Report.

3 Response Packet

When receiving a callback request, the third party needs to give a response to Tencent Cloud SMS service in the following format:

    "result": 0, //0: Successful. Other values: Failed
    "errmsg": "OK" //The specific error message when the "result" is not 0