Pull SMS Status

Last updated: 2018-08-30 18:05:24

    API Description


    This API is used to pull the SMS status, such as SMS delivery status and SMS reply.
    The pulled content will not be returned again, which can be regarded as a message queue mechanism.
    Contact SMS Helper to enable this feature.

    URL Example

    POST https://yun.tim.qq.com/v5/tlssmssvr/pullstatus?sdkappid=xxxxx&random=xxxx
    Note: Replace xxxxx in the field sdkappid=xxxxx with the sdkappid you applied for on Tencent Cloud, and replace xxxx in the field random=xxxx with a random number.

    Request Parameters

        "max": 10,
        "sig": "c13e54f047ed75e821e698730c72d030dc30e5b510b3f8a0fb6fb7605283d7df",
        "time": 1457336869,
        "type": 1
    Parameter Required Type Description
    max Yes Number Number of entries pulled. Maximum value is 100
    sig Yes String App credential. For more information on the calculation, please see the following.
    time Yes Number The time to initiate the request. It is a unix timestamp (in sec). A failure message is returned if the time difference between the unix timestamp and the system time is greater than 10 minutes.
    type Yes Number The type of pulled content. 0: SMS Delivery Status, 1: SMS Reply
    The "sig" field is generated based on the formula sha256(appkey=$appkey&random=$random&time=$time)
    The pseudo code is as follows:
    string strAppkey = "5f03a35d00ee52a21327ab048186a2c4"; //The appkey for the sdkappid, which must be kept confidential
    string strRand = "7226249334"; //The value of the "random" field in the URL
    string strTime = "1457336869"; //The Unix timestamp
    string sig = sha256(appkey=5f03a35d00ee52a21327ab048186a2c4&random=7226249334&time=1457336869)
    = c13e54f047ed75e821e698730c72d030dc30e5b510b3f8a0fb6fb7605283d7df;

    Response Parameters

        "count": 3,
        "data": [],
        "errmsg": "ok",
        "result": 0
    Parameter Required Type Description
    count Yes Number The number of returned message entries. It is valid when "result" is 0.
    data Yes Array For more information, please see Notification of SMS Delivery Status and SMS Reply.
    errmsg Yes String The specific error message when the "result" is not 0
    type Yes Number The type of pulled content. 0: SMS Delivery Status, 1: SMS Reply

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