Templated Single SMS

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    API Description


    This API is used to send the SMS verification code, SMS notification, marketing SMS (not more than 450 characters) to users.

    URL Example

    POST https://yun.tim.qq.com/v5/tlssmssvr/sendsms?sdkappid=xxxxx&random=xxxx

    Note: Replace xxxxx in the field sdkappid=xxxxx with the sdkappid you applied for on Tencent Cloud, and replace xxxx in the field random=xxxx with a random number.

    Request Parameters

        "ext": "",
        "extend": "",
        "params": [
            "Verification code",
        "sig": "ecab4881ee80ad3d76bb1da68387428ca752eb885e52621a3129dcf4d9bc4fd4",
        "sign": "Tencent Cloud",
        "tel": {
            "mobile": "13788888888",
            "nationcode": "86"
        "time": 1457336869,
        "tpl_id": 19
    Parameter Required Type Description
    ext No String User's session content (optional). The Tencent server returns it as is. You can leave it empty if it is not needed.
    extend No String Extended SMS code which is valid only when it is a pure numeral string. It is not enabled by default. Contact SMS Helper to enable it.
    params Yes Array Template parameters. If the template has no parameters, leave it empty.
    sig Yes String App credential. For more information on the calculation, please see the following.
    sign No String SMS signature. To use the default signature, leave this field with the default value.
    tel Yes Object Phone number. If you need to use the universal international phone number format, such as "+8613788888888", use the API "sendisms". For more information, please see the following.
    time Yes Number The time to initiate the request. It is a unix timestamp (in sec). A failure message is returned if the time difference between the unix timestamp and the system time is greater than 10 minutes.
    tpl_id Yes Number The template ID approved on the console
    • Parameter tel:
    Parameter Required Type Description
    mobile Yes String Mobile number
    nationcode Yes String Country code


    1. The approved template ID needs to be entered in the "tpl_id" field. Based on the above request parameters, the issued content is:
      "[Tencent Cloud] Your verification code is 1234. This verification code is valid for 4 minutes. If you are not using our service, ignore this message."
      If you have multiple SMS signatures, place the needed SMS signature in the "sign" field.
      For example, if you have two signatures, "[Tencent Technology]" and "[Tencent Cloud]", and you want to send an SMS message with "[Tencent Cloud]", the "sign" field can be: "Tencent Cloud".
    2. For the API sendisms, the "tel" field is in the universal international phone number format, such as "+8613788888888".
    3. The "sig" field is generated according to the formula sha256(appkey=$appkey&random=$random&time=$time&mobile=$mobile).
      The pseudo codes are as follows:
    string strMobile = "13788888888"; //The content of the "mobile" field of "tel"
    string strAppKey = "5f03a35d00ee52a21327ab048186a2c4"; //The appkey for the sdkappid, which must be kept confidential
    string strRand = "7226249334"; //The value of the "random" field in the URL
    string strTime = "1457336869"; //The unix timestamp
    string sig = sha256(appkey=5f03a35d00ee52a21327ab048186a2c4&random=7226249334&time=1457336869&mobile=13788888888)
               = ecab4881ee80ad3d76bb1da68387428ca752eb885e52621a3129dcf4d9bc4fd4;

    Response Parameters

        "result": 0,
        "errmsg": "OK",
        "ext": "",
        "fee": 1,
        "sid": "xxxxxxx"
    Parameter Required Type Description
    result Yes Number Error code. 0: Successful (basis for billing). Other values: Failed. For more information, please see Error Codes.
    errmsg Yes String Error message. The specific error message when the "result" is not 0
    ext No String User's session content. The Tencent server returns it as is.
    fee No Number Number of SMS messages billed. About Billing
    sid No String Delivery ID, indicating an SMS delivery record

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