SMS Signature Status Query

Last updated: 2018-08-30 18:13:28


1 Protocol Descriptions

Protocol HTTP POST
Encoding format UTF8
URL For example:
API description Query the status of the applied SMS signature
Note: Enter the applied SDKAppID as sdkappid, and a random number as random.

2 Request Packet

    "sig": "c13e54f047ed75e821e698730c72d030dc30e5b510b3f8a0fb6fb7605283d7df", //App credential. For more information on the calculation, please see the following
    "time": 1457336869, //UNIX timestamp, i.e. the time to initiate the request. A failure message will be returned if the time difference between the UNIX timestamp and the system time is greater than 10 minutes
    "sign_id": [123, 124,...] //Signature ID, which can be specified with a value. For example, "sign_id":123

The "sig" field is generated according to the formula sha256(appkey=$appkey&random=$random&time=$time).
The pseudo codes are as follows:

string strAppkey = "5f03a35d00ee52a21327ab048186a2c4"; //The corresponding appkey of sdkappid, which must be kept confidential at the business side.
string strRand = "7226249334"; //The value of the "random" field in the URL
string strTime = "1457336869"; //UNIX timestamp
string sig = sha256(appkey=5f03a35d00ee52a21327ab048186a2c4&random=7226249334&time=1457336869)
           = c13e54f047ed75e821e698730c72d030dc30e5b510b3f8a0fb6fb7605283d7df;

3 Response Packet

    "result": 0, //0: Successful. Other values: Failed
    "msg": "", //The specific error message when the "result" is not 0
    "count": 3, //The number of returned information entries. The information content is in the "data" field. It is valid when "result" is 0
    "data": [
            "id": 123, //Signature ID
            "text": "xxxxx", //Signature content
            "status": 0, //0: Approved; 1: Pending approval; 2: Rejected
            "reply": "xxxxx" // Approval information. If "status" is 2, the reason for rejection is provided