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    This is a legacy API which has been hidden and will no longer be updated.

    Feature Action ID Description
    Create Namespace CreateNamespace Create namespace where users can create metrics
    Query Namespace DescribeNamespace Query current namespaces
    Delete Namespace DeleteNamespace Delete namespace according to namespace name

    Feature Action ID Description
    Create Metric CreateMetric Create metric under namespace and specify its corresponding statistical information
    Query Metric DescribeMetric Query the metrics under the specified namespace
    Modify Metric ModifyMetric Modify the unit or metricCname of a metric
    Delete Metric DeleteMetric Delete metric according to namespace name and metric name
    Create Metric Aggregation CreateMetricAggeration Aggregate the specified dimensions under the metric to achieve features that can collect or query information of a certain group of dimensions under the metric
    Delete Metric Aggregation DeleteMetricAggeration Delete aggregation according to specified dimensions of the aggregation
    Add Statistical Type CreateMetricStatisticsType Add statistical type for specified dimension under the metric
    Delete Statistical Type DeleteMetricStatisticsType Delete statistical type under specified metric

    Feature Action ID Description
    API for Data Reporting PutMonitorData Users can report data once they have created namespaces and metrics. Objects will be generated when data is reported
    Query Metric Object List DescribeObjects When data is reported, objects corresponding to each of the dimensions will be generated. This API is used to query the objects according to metric-related information
    Query Monitoring Data of Metric GetMonitorData Acquire monitoring data. The API is used to acquire multiple sets of data (between startTime and endTime) of the specified dimension under the metric
    Query Real-Time Monitoring Data of Metric GetMonitorRealtimeData Acquire real-time monitoring data of the metric. Data within the most recent period for the specified dimension of the monitored metric will be returned.

    Feature Action ID Description
    Create Alarm Rule CreateAlarmRule Add alarm rule for the statistical type under the metric. Alarm is triggered when the condition is met
    Query Alarm Rule DescribeAlarmRuleList Query the alarm rules under the specified metric of specified namespace
    Modify Alarm Rule ModifyAlarmRule Modify certain information of the alarm rule
    Delete Alarm Rule DeleteAlarmRule Delete alarm rule according to alarmRuleId
    Bind Alarm Rule to Object BindAlarmRuleObjects Bind objects with alarm rule. Corresponding objects will be generated when data is reported
    Query Objects Bound with Alarm Rule DescribeAlarmRuleObjects Query which objects are bound according to alarm rule ID
    Query Alarm Rule Bound with Object DescribeAlarmRuleByObject Query corresponding alarm rule of the object according to information such as its dimension
    Unbind Alarm Rule from Object UnbindAlarmRuleObjects Unbind alarm rule from object according to the alarm rule ID and the dimension information of the object
    Bind Alarm Rule from Alarm Recipient BindAlarmRuleReceivers Bind alarm rule from alarm recipient according to the alarm rule ID and receiving group ID
    Unbind Alarm Rule from Alarm Recipient UnbindAlarmRuleReceivers Unbind alarm rule from receivers that are bound with this rule according to the alarm rule ID
    Query Alarm List DescribeAlarmList Query the alarms for the specified object during specified time period

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