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    1. Real-time Monitoring of Service Quality

    1.1 Scenario Description

    If an API provides important service for your business in scenarios with massive business requests, you may want to monitor that whether this API is working properly and whether the service fulfills the quality requirement.

    1.2 Capacity Provision

    You only need to report the success rate of the API to the CCM platform. You can view the trend chart during a routine check. In an emergency, if the success rate is lower than the threshold, the relevant personnel will be notified immediately.

    2. Early Detection of Business Exception

    2.1 Scenario Description

    In the scenario where a large number of users are playing game A in peak hours, you want to monitor the process loads of key business servers, so as to notify the admin immediately when an exception occurs to contain the damage.

    2.2 Capacity Provision

    Log in to the CCM console to configure the namespaces and dimension structures and report the process load metric. If the metric exceeds a certain range, the admin will be notified of this exception immediately.

    3. Refinement Operation of Business

    3.1 Scenario Description

    To provide better service and experience for target users, you need to monitor the IP access data of different domains and different regions, so that you can analyze the target user base and deploy your service locally.

    3.2 Capacity Provision

    Log in to CCM console to report server URL, region information and access IP, and configure aggregation dimensions. For example, you can aggregate and calculate visits at region dimension, and view the trends of different time periods to quickly analyze the usage of target users, and to provide better services.

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